Thursday, December 7, 2006

Photo Journal

I thought it might be sweet to post a few pics from the tour. I mean what the hell else is there to do in Las Vegas when you're 20? Already seen the aquarium at Ceaser's. Gotten plenty sauced off the house wine at Hole In The Wall.
I may not have the gambling man's budget, but I'm working on his stomach; I handled one of the most pathetic waffles in the Western Hemisphere this morning. Served here.

I love our tour manager. Driving us 12 hours through the middle of the desert takes a very certain breed of dude. Say hello to a very certain Chris Warndahl this morning.

Let's see... one more. Came out of Everyday Music in Portland with some good stuff.

Plus more, but this is getting sorta boring. Catch you on the flip my little babies.


Hailey k said...

I love that place!!! (everyday) and I'm sure you'll find something fun and entertaining to do it vegas blake!!

A Fire on Mars (Stephanie) said...

aww, Blake you could sit on a corner and play your guitar, make some money to buy even better waffles!

C'eleste said...

I made chocolate chip waffles last night. They were great. Now you know where to get a good waffle ;)

I can't figure out how to put the pics on this comment, but \ if you click on my name you can get to them.

Hope you find some better waffles!