Wednesday, December 13, 2006

The Grand Opera

I just got back home from our playing at this charity event at the roxy. We had somewhat of a stripped down approach and only played 4 songs, as did all the other acts. Friends like Tim Curren, John and Tony from Mellowdrone and Z from the Like played as well. On her chosen cover, 'Ode to Billie Joe' by Bobbie Gentry, Z had Blake and I come onstage and accompany her, while she lived out her kareoke fantasies...brilliantly ironic for a lead singer in a band. I'm not exactly clear on what the charity event was for, and I rarely do with these kinds of situations. I should probably take more of an interest.

For our more passionate readers, we've been considering different avenues to take with this 'blogging' business. We've thought to show you our developing shirt and merchandise ideas, or somehow incorporating some kind of shorts or videos made by us...a sort of artistic output through a different medium (I would imagine most of those being documentary or instructional, but not by any means serious). We've even been considering sharing appropriate recordings (be it early demos, good songs that seemed to have fallen by the wayside, or even NEW SONGS) to show you guys.

Definitely pictures as well.

Your thoughts? Feel free to add to this list of possibilities.

Also, let this news remain unofficial and something we can back out of at any time we please if it at any point becomes too ambitious, BUT... we have a possible residency coming up in January, and if it works out, we're going to be playing 4 completely separate shows in which we won't play the same song twice. 40+ songs in 4 shows. I've got a lot of confidence in us. Once things become confirmed any further, I'll keep you updated.

Blake Mills told me tonight that he listens to nearly 12 hours of music throughout the day. Now you know the secret.


Courtney said...

i love that you're going to share merch ideas. i think that's fantastic. (i'm quite a simon dawes merch whore.)

Denice said...

Hey, I was at the show last night and you guys played an amazing set! I can't wait to see you guys play again!

A Fire on Mars (Stephanie) said...
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