Tuesday, December 26, 2006

In Vain

I think it would be fun to play a house party for New Years. Anyone throwing a party in the greater Los Angeles area? Want us to play? How cool are your neighbors with loudness?

Was that lonesome comment on my last entry very dissapointing? That video is hillarious to good people. If Melissa is the sole reader of this blog, than the last entry was hugely successful. 100% Audience Participation. Thanks Melissa.

Hey Melissa, what's with the word "tragic"? And blueberries? What is the deal with blueberries? How do they manage to find their way into everything? Syrup, candy, soap, crayons, bagels, pancakes, muffins, my white collared shirt?

Jesus Christ had a good birthday. Daddy got him a Sex Machine.

I'm about to begin some sessions on Jonathan Rice's record. Lots of my friends are playing on these tracks. I'm very excited!

Why do my posts always read like bad stand-up comedy routines?


Courtney said...

well, i'm not going to be at home in santa monica for new years but you're welcome to come down to laguna & chill.

p.s. blueberries have to be the best fruit ever.

Hailey k said...

I'm glad you guys had a good christmas...I did as well! I always wondered the same things about blueberries...but I must add, chocolate covered Oregon Blueberried have to be my all time fav...yes

C'eleste said...

If our houses weren't about 2000 miles apart, you could play at my house. It would certainly be a nice party to come home to after driving cross country.

Francesca Giannattasio said...

I am having a new year's eve party-but not in California :(..darn it!!!..i live in NJ (20ish minutes from NYC), if you want to play at my party you definitely can!!! gotta work on that teleporting thing. but hey- maybe in a few years when I move out to California you guys can play my house party!!! Either way I will still be rockin out to some simon dawes on new year's eve while my friends and I get awesome! ;)

melissa said...

i’m not sure what’s with the word “tragic” or blueberries. um, yeah. But thanks for the mention in the blog. It made me feel special.