Friday, March 23, 2007

SXSW Videos Online

A "Darren", with no picture to place to a face, sent us a couple of clips from our recent trip to Austin, TX. Thanks.

Blood & Guts and All Her Crooked Ways

Very soon we'll be posting our Tour Dates for this (rapidly) upcoming tour with The Colour. This will be a mostly West Coast tour, with dates in TX, AZ, CA, maybe even Boise, ID?? Coming totally soon... right Warndahl??


Friday, March 16, 2007

Cover Songs List

In today's blog, I'm gonna introduce the cover songs list. It's gonna keep track of all the covers we've ever done, and every time we add a new one, we'll post the entire list and then add to it, to keep track of everything there was thus far. Being that we've been playing covers for a while now, the list will start with quite a few already. I'll give the title, the original artist, and the name of the album that it's on for you guys to go find it if you want.

1. Burning Down the House by the Talking Heads - Speaking In Tongues
2. Instant Karma by John Lennon - Single
3. Gimme Some Lovin' by The Spencer Davis Group - Single
4. Had To Cry Today by Blind Faith - Blind Faith
5. Dead Ends by Chad Vangaalen - Skelliconnection
6. It's Over by Roy Orbison - Single

More to come


Stu Man

ladies and gentlemen...its stuart. the drummer. bloggin out from behind the kit to say HOWDY from the great city of austin texas. we kicked ass today: ate crawdads and checked out daniel johnston. tomorrow, more ass kickin and another gig. saturday we play THREE TIMES... doesnt leave much time for ass kickin on THAT day, but we'll squeeze it in..we are SIMON DAWES .so ill leave it like this....ask me whatever you like. im a blogger now..and ..drummers rarely speak. this is your big chance. ask me anything about simon dawes.....and just in advance, im not giving out wylies cell "if thats your question. mom."

Monday, March 12, 2007


Sometimes, you wanna blog, but you just don't have it...

Sorry Folks!


Thursday, March 8, 2007

Hush Hush

Yesterday I was on the way to breakfast with my friend Alex and we were on our way to breakfast on Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood when we passed Guitar Center, which was packed with a bunch of press people on some bleachers with cameras out in front. Initially, we asked each other if either of us knew what was going on, but we didn't know and we didn't care all that much, so we soon forgot about it. I had meant to stay in Hollywood and have Wylie meet me with some posters that I could go put up in the area for our shows on Friday and Saturday, so until he called me I had to come up with ways to spend time. Alex needed a new practice amp so suggested visiting guitar center, which I normally detest, but yesterday it sounded fun.

When we first parked at the Guitar Center, we both noticed a man behind the car in front of us pushing his car along sunset at perhaps a little faster than a snail's pace. We asked him if he needed any help and said that he needed to push it all the way to the mobil station on Fairfax, which, for those of you not from Los Angeles, is perhaps 3/4 of a mile up from guitar center, and on a busy street like Sunset with yesterday's midday heat, it was quite an undertaking. Anyway, we committed to help the man who turned out to be a self proclaimed ex-LAPD officer who had been gambling for the last 86 hours straight with no sleep and no breaks. By us having to push the car this terrible distance to the gas station rather than having him buy a gas can and bringing it to the car made me assume that the gambling had not gone as well as he had hoped.

During our push, a long haired homeless man started yelling, 'push you bastards!' and then 'Do you need any help?' He was about 5'8'', deeply tanned, thin, wearing board shorts, a t-shirt and holding a drink in a coffee bean cup. As he put it down he said 'if my drink spills, I'm kicking your ass.' When he realized that we were going further than the next available spot on the side of the road, he went back to get his drink and handed it to me in the driver's seat where I was steering as they were pushing. He said, 'Don't spill my drink. It's alcohol.' So we kept pushing, kept sweating and the homeless man kept yelling at us, thinking he was very funny. Once we got to the gas station, the gambler thanked us and Alex and I headed back towards Guitar Center.

When we showed up it was closed for the next 20 minutes because a Kenny Loggins (famous for hits like 'Danger Zone') private show was wrapping itself up. That explained all of the press people there earlier. So while guitar center reassembled it's main show room, we tried killing more time in music stores across the street, and finally the hall of fame, which is a room attached to guitar center filled with rock star paraphenilia (sp?) like guitars, amps, and clothes from people like Bob Dylan, Elvis, Angus Young, Johnny Ramone, Bo Diddley. We were carrying on some aimless conversation while looking at all this gear and then at the end of the room on a table we saw a pair of 'hands.'

Note: In front of the Hollywood Guitar Center, there are cement hand prints of famous artists as a walk way. They're all broken up into small squares so that each individual artist, or in some cases, band, has their own separated spot. I hope I explained that alright.

But the pair of hand prints we saw in the hall of fame should have immediately struck me as odd that they were inside this room rather than outside in the ground, but due to our wandering conversation, I wasn't paying a lot of attention to it and walked up, perhaps mainly as an impulse, the way anybody would, I placed my left hand into the indented left hand and Alex touched it with his thumb which turned out to still be wet cement, and I looked up at the name above the hands which read 'Kenny Loggins'. This meant that at his private show, Kenny Loggins made his own set of cement hands to be added to the collection out in front of the store. My hand was now covered in cement, which I jammed into my pocket to keep from anyone who worked there from seeing me. Alex and I could not understand why it would be left out unprotected like that, but we were grateful for no one catching us. And at the very worst, it truly was an honest mistake. The point of this entire story is that I have now replaced the left hand of Kenny Loggins on the Guitar Center walkway. If anyone gets a chance to make it out there, know that if you look at Kenny Loggins' spot, you're not seeing his hand print, you're seeing mine. Yesterday, I became immortalized.

I apologize for the long story, but I thought it was funny and thought you could appreciate something like that. Even though I've put it up on the blog, make sure that no one runs to Guitar Center to tell them what happened. They're be no proof and I will just deny it if I have to, but that would be lying.

Talk to everyone soon.


Thursday, March 1, 2007


We're in Berkeley. We drove through the night, or rather, Blake drove us through the night. Thank Blake. We spent this morning eating sandwhiches, visiting music stores, visiting book stores and seeing all of these northern california friends of ours that we rarely get to see. We'll be driving into the city in about an hour to hang out before the show tonight.

Simon Dawes Trivia: For any Like friends that read this blog, listen carefully to who sings at the very end of Lazy Daisy. Z BERG. I thought that'd make some of you happy to know that.

Here's another demo of a new song. My girlfriend Josie and friend Matt were cleaning up beer bottles as I recorded it. You'll be able to hear that. As well as Josie calling for 'finch' who happens to be my dog. It's called Bedside Manner...Tell me what you think.

Bedside Manner

Here are the lyrics for anyone interested in that sort of thing...

There's sometime as a much older man
I will sit down and put on this song
It just might make me cry
Or at the very least a tear in my eye

I can't take all these years of my life
to be widdled down into a thought
That only appeals to the ear
I need memories perfectly clear

I just wanna be making my mind
Keep from changing my mind not to change
'Cause I'm greedy as the sea
And that's how I hope it always will be

I'll be somebody now and somebody then
And all of you all in between
And then I'll be ready to leave
When everyone's taken with me

Cause there's so many days in a year
And so many years in my head
So I think about when I'll be dead
And how those very last moments are spent
And if I think about you
Is that something you think you'd accept?