Wednesday, February 28, 2007


Anybody have to deal with Myspace's pathetic bullshit today? Those bastards just outbid the EPA for "Worst Organization In The History Of Life God Damnit".

Upon having the SD account "phished" for the second time this weeek, I was prompted to yet again renew our password... Only I couldnt renew the password because one of the fields wouldnt transfer information (you know, the one where you have to retype the warped letters in the box? thanks you acid-burnout-google-tech-weenies. you can sleep easy, I'm a real human).

Myspace should hear about this dillema. I'll "Contact Customer Service"! Only the same moron who fucked up the Password Page must have doomed this one, because i couldnt edit a "sub-catagory" information field, and in turn, had no (obvious) way of reporting my problem.

In the meantime, I'd tried to post a new blog, and Safari froze my iChat. "WTF". Added bonus: It was right in the middle of a file transfer. Otis Rush's sideproject "Snatch and the Poontangs" is looking a bit more like "Snatch Poo" on my desktop.
Our Monday nights at the Echo are over. The final show was total glory. Spaceland Recordings taped the whole thing. Should be available soon on their site. I'll keep on it. In the meantime, here's a quick demo of a new one called Hiroshima Song.

Woo Hoo, Hoo Hoo, Hoo Hoo

Looking forward to a couple days in San Francisco this weekend. NoisePop Festival. Then a couple more dates in LA, then a big ass SXSW trip.

Also a tour in the works for April...

ta ta,

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Welcome Rain

I ain't in to fat lippin, I'm in to gat grippin
A cat's slippin, is a cat drippin
Why I say that? the cat's slippin, the Mac's spittin
The cat drippin, look in the mirror you's a fat kitten

Made this at home the other day. There's more rain in it than Seattle.

The Manifest Destiny

Our 3rd of 4 Echo shows went very well. It seemed to be the best turn out so far, surprisingly. I've never been very familiar with how these residencies worked, so I assumed there wouldn't be many people present after the first 2 weeks, but lo and behold...

Also, our good friends and GREAT band BlackBlack opened the show, which was a treat for everyone.

Our set list for the more curious...

Love is After Me
Be There Right Now
Bedside Manner (for Wilderness and Bedside Manner, our good buddy Alex Greenwald from the bands Phantom Planet and BlackBlack came onstage and played with us)
Every Single Time
Dead Ends (by Chad Vangaalen off of 'Skelliconnection.' Go listen to it)
Like It's Something (which you can hear 2 blogs down from this)
Blood and Guts
Awful Things
Bad Directions

So one more show at the Echo and then off to San Francisco for noisepop. All of you Bay Area kids know about this already, right? If not, look at our myspace or website (perhaps more credible than anything I'd say on a blog). We're also hoping to set up a show with the Morning Benders as well while we're up there but I don't know the status on it.

And anyone who hasn't heard 'Miniature Tigers' needs to. It's our good friend Charlie Brand's band and he makes really great music.



Black Black
Phantom Planet
Chad Vangaalen
The Morning Benders
Miniature Tigers

Everybody should take time to check out every single one of those if you haven't heard them already. We're starting a family!

Lastly, I've done some drawings recently and I wanted to show everyone and get some input. Maybe for shirts? Posters? Website? Record Covers? Overall Simon Dawes artwork style? What do you think? You can click on them to make them bigger

Alright, I will talk to everyone very very very very soon,

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

heavy shit

damn man,

man, this fuckin blog shit man, crazy shit.
man, i dont get this stuff man,
i like old shit man, i like typos man,,
i wanna keep bros interested man, dig man
feel me man, i just wanna make people stoked on the blog man, feel me;
feel me man, i get guff man, all around man, feel me?
people always talkin man,
people always speakin man, "man, wylie man, come on man"
never man, dig man, i never dont try nuthin man, dig man?
never man.
lets talk about real shit bro, the realest shit.
whats being really real, realistically man.
guns man, thats some real ass shit, damn man
guns fuckin kill men, man
motorcycles man,
tattoos man,
damn man,
thats three real fuckin things, man, dig?

lets talk about true shit man, fuck man
what the fuck is still true man, fuck.
there isnt one fuckin true thing left man, shit man.
thats the one true fuckin thing man:
theres no real fuckin true things man, dig? shit.

man, sometimes i just think man,
"fuck man, whats going on man"
shit man, i dont think about shit man, fuck
i think about real fuckin shit. fuck
"whats your answer man, fuck, man"

Like It's Something

Here's a demo version of a new song. It's called Like It's Something, and we've been throwing it into the set quite frequently. Though the best times to play live it are when people arent really chatting, cause it's not such a loud song.
Enjoy Like It's Something

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Sunday Drivers...

I'd like to apologize to the driver and passenger of the small white car I flipped the bird at this evening, even though you almost killed us on that crosswalk.

Instant Messenger Screenname

For those of you who use an Instant Messenger service (AIM, iChat, Yahoo...) I have set up a band screen name. Add "simondaweschat" (minus the quotes) to your buddylists and say WTFUp Dawes dudes! I'll pass the log in info on to the other guys... who knows, maybe you'll bump into the Warndahl.

Pretty sweet SXSW show dates TBA very soon here... look for bills including the Walkmen and Polyphonic Spree.

For anyone who cares to judge me, I just bought a web-cam. Could be radically handy if I can figure out how to record passages for video blogs.

RIP Anna Nicole Smith... FYI, I'm the baby's real daddy.


Wednesday, February 7, 2007


Two blogs in two days....I'm sure you're all very excited.


Tuesday, February 6, 2007


We've had two shows since I've last blogged and therefore, much to discuss.

Our first show was at the Social, a night club that a lot of wonderful people frequent, it seems. The room we played in consisted of mirrors, candles, couches, pillows, and board games. No joke. And it fit maybe 40 people, most of which, I like to think, were good friends. So you could imagine what a good time we all had. This was the set list...

Awful Things
Love Is After Me
Bedside Manner
Like It's Something
Execution Song

That could be wrong though. It was, after all, FIVE days ago.

We played Lazy Daisy as an encore. I definitely remember that.

And then this Monday, we played our first night of our residency at the Echo. The first artist was an older englishman named Richard Strange. He played in a band when he was younger named 'Doctors of Madness.' I don't know if that rings any bells or not, but his music was phenomonal I thought. As if Leonard Cohen had gotten shot or something, and continued to write songs. Maybe my tastes are a bit particular, but I truly did love it. He played just acoustically along with drum loops from his Macintosh laptop, but I offered to put together and hopefully be in his band, if he'd like one, next time he comes down to Los Angeles. So hopefully we will be talking soon about that. Then the Morning Benders played, some of our closest friends in the whole world, and they played great. If you haven't yet looked them up, don't even finish reading this blog, and immediately go to their myspace....which I think is We played about 10:30 or so in front of a very friendly audience and I think we'd all agree that the show went very well. My guitar wouldn't really get in tune at all...but I think it was in a good way.................

Oh man....The blog can't go on without me telling you what just happened while I was writing it.

My phone just rang and I picked up and said hello and on the other end was a man with a thick english accent who said, 'Hi Taylor, it's Paul, Steve's roomate.' I said, 'Oh Hey what's up?' assuming I knew him because he got my name right and that whoever it was would click in a second, at which point he said, 'I was getting ready to leave my place and I know I have some of your books so I thought I could bring them down. Where are you?' I said, 'Well I'm home right now. Where are you?' hoping that would shed some light on the situation. But instead he just said 'Oh, I'm home. And I'm gonna be coming through the U-district. So I thought I could stop by.' That's when I realized that I don't know this person and it was the wrong number, and I don't know if him knowing my name was a crazy coincidence or maybe he looked up the wrong name in the phone book, but I definitely wasn't who he thought I was. So I said, 'uuhhhh....uhhhhh....that'd be fine.' Because I didn't know what else to say. Picking up on my reluctance, he said 'well, if you're busy having a wank or something I can come by another time.' I laughed and said, 'Oh, no. It's fine, I'll be here.' But I have no idea why I said that to him. Finally, he said 'Okay, I'll call later for directions' and we hung up. I assume he won't end up here, but hopefully he didn't take the address from where ever he got the phone number. His area code seemed very foreign, so I'm not too worried.

Anyway, I've completely lost my train of thought......The Echo show was good. That's all I had meant to say.

Last thing....we need a title for a song. Everyone send in their suggestions. Think 'love conquers all,' 'inner demons,' 'struggle for equilibrium'....that sort of thing. good luck.