Thursday, December 21, 2006

3,367,626.88 Acres of Ancient Desert Swallowed My Link to Civilization

Sorry about the hiatus. I lost my computer charger in the middle of Death Valley, a National Park in California. About 3,300,000 acres of sand attacked my backpack. Stu and I went out there to be in a Honda commercial. They dressed us up in tuxedos, gave us a couple of mallets and timpani drums, and stuck us out in the bush with the car. It was about 36 degrees Fahrenheit. It sucked so bad that it rocked.

Today we have a video from Bas Rutten, champion bare knuckle boxer and streetfighter. He totally open mouth kissed my sister live on national TV at last year's Billboard Music Awards, and I couldn't do shit about it...

Don't forget to hide the spice bottle this Holiday season.


1 comment:

melissa said...

thanks for the great video. i’ll be sure to use these tips in my next bar fight! or when a guy I’m not interested in hits on me (but after they buy me a drink, of course).