Friday, July 27, 2007

Incublog 3

Hey my friend-pal-buddies!

Sorry it's been a couple days, but much has happened, and accordingly, we've been very busy. The good news for YOU guys is that there's quite a bit to blog about.

So, where did I leave off? I think something like Omaha? Or Iowa? Or wherever that crazy festival was? Anyway, I'm not really sure what city exactly followed, but I think it was Minneapolis, Minnesotta. Correct me if I'm wrong. We had some good times in Minneapolis, I must say. Probably the most notable event was Darren's transformation from what he felt was somesort of a metaphorical caterpillar to a beautiful, grown-up, new hair-cutted butterfly. Here's a real-life video for y'all to catch the low-down.

What a crazy night. Here are some funny pictures of that evening if you can't watch or don't feel like watching the video:
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And then here's all of us. But you won't be seeing the author!
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Let's see... What else...
Oh, we got to walk around town a little bit, and we ran into this really, really cool bookstore. I forget what it's called, otherwise I'd advertise for them. Here's Taylor in one of the knooks:
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Also, there were two book dogs in the store with whom I pretty much fell in love. Here they are (they aren't related, if you wanted to know):
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There was also a book bird in there, with whom Darren tried to become a little too friendly. Let's just say he learned that male birds do not have external sexual organs. I was loving the pups, but not in the way that D was loving that bird.
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What next, what next...
AH YES! The show. Even though you can't really tell, here's Taylor and Blake on stage with Incubus, soundchecking with "Stand By Me," a cover that Incubus has begun to integrate into their set.
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And what a fabulous audience! Here are some of you. If you'd like to have yourself removed from the picture, please don't sue, just send us a nice little comment:):
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But really, we are so appreciative of your guys' enthusiasm and your contribution to keeping us alive and fed on this tour. You were awesoooommmeee!!
Here are a few other pics from there:
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Here are some buddies of ours that were sitting sidestage. They are in a really cool punk-metal band called 2cents. Be sure to check them out if you're into that kind of music.
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Next, we rode on out of there into Chicago, Illinois. SD played at a venue that was right next to the water, just outside of the city, but you could see the skyline behind the stage. It was really cool:

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I saw a contraption with which I was highly unfamiliar while I was out and about in the city. Perhaps one of you could explain to me what this is and what it does:
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Now here are some SD pics before/during the show:

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Also, some sort of media company was around to interview SD after the show. Apparently, it was a very compelling interview.
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After leaving Chicago, we were on our way to Indiana. The show went very well--here's a photo:
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Despite a wonderful audience and a great performance, what made Indianapolis so great was a friend of Wylie's (and now of the rest of us) named Orley. He came to the show and offered us a free night's stay at his house. He informed us that there was plenty of room for all of us, but we wouldn't realize the magnitude of what he was saying until he actually brought us over.

I don't have any pictures of the night we spent there, but I do have a few of the next morning, which will hopefully provide you with an idea of how amazing this house truly is.

First of all, the house is three stories tall. On the top floor, there are something like 8 bedrooms. The hallways seem to extend as you walk down them, almost like some sort of ghost-fun house. This was the first time I had ever gotten lost on one floor of a house before. Here's a photograph of one of the hallways on the bottom level of the house.
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This is Wylie sitting at the far end of one of the many dining tables set throughout the house:
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Here's Taylor's "Imagine" moment, playing a piano by a large window overlooking part of the yard.
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Now getting into the amenities of the house, which were obviously the most mind-blowing to me.
1) They had a pool table!
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2) They had a movie theatre room (with automated reclining leather chairs)!
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3) They had a maaaassssiiiveee front yard with a sweet firepit (see Darren and Taylor for perspective).
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4) They (we) had homemade french toast (thanks, Orley's mom!).
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5) They had a huge steam shower (picture not available).

6) Etc., etc.

7) Here's Orley. Thanks so much dude!
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I'm not going to lie, it's taken me a couple of days to get this blog together. This stuff isn't easy! We're now in Cleveland, Ohio, and I have more pictures of the past few days to show you guys (including those from the Incubus/Simon Dawes camping trip we did yesterday on our day off). I appreciate you guys reading my entries, and I appreciate you even more when you comment in some way to let me know you're reading. I know there's gotta be more than 8 or 9 of you reading these things.

Okay pals, keep me encouranged and motivated to continue in this pursuit of photographic tourism!


P.S. Who can I bill for my advancing case of carpal-tunnel syndrome?
P.P.S. Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
P.P.P.S. Nadia (and whoever else cares), we have all been listening to a lot of Bonnie "Prince" Billy, Darren's listening to his jazz, I've been listening to some ambient music, Blake is listening to folky stuff as well... I'll get you a more detailed list in the upcoming blog, but I'm in a hurry now! Thanks!


Anonymous said...

I love reading your guys blog:). It keeps me update on where you guys are:).

Oh. And did you guys get ur haircuts fixed? OR did you just leave it that way?:)

Anonymous said...

Hey, Matt! I didn't know you were going on this tour and doing the whole blog thing, it's so awesome! I just read through all of them... very entertaining :) I got Simon Dawes stuck in my car CD player and have been listening to it non-stop, so I figured I would check out the whole website to see how the tour was going. Love the pictures and especially random videos of really bad haircuts... nice Taylor... :) Well I hope the rest of the tour goes as well as its been going. Love you all.

ohh PS: this is Jenny Grozdich.

Lauren said...

Great show in Indianapolis, I really enjoyed your preformance! I can't wait to see you guys again in Atlanta.

And that house is amazingggg

Anonymous said...

Sweetness! Awesome!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the updated blog. You have got to be busy so it's extremely nice of you to keep all of us fans in the know. Will you all be going on tour this fall? I'd love to see you guys play again..

Nadia said...

Good blog.
Good pics.

Now here's my commentary on the video of the hair cutting.

Scene 1:Taylor picks up razor and aims it at Darren's head
Response: Noooooooooooo!!!

Scene 2: Taylor takes razor to his own head.
Response: Holy Shit!!

Scene 3: Darren attacks Taylors head with the scissors.
Response: 2 minutes of stunned silence followed by ...holy cow!!

P.s. you can bill me for your carpal-tunnel syndrome...I have a habit of losing bills anyway so you may as well.

Rebecca said...

that video is priceless.
very cool.

see you guys in atlanta!

Anonymous said...

You guys look great and you really look like your enjoying the tour. Keep the pictures coming!!!!!xoxo

Anonymous said...

that fool orley is gay

Caitlin said...

Ah! I am glad you guys are having fun!

Anonymous said...

Amazing haircuts gentlemen, but please promise you won't quit music and become hairstylists and end up on one of those random bravo shows. I don't think the world (or myself) could handle it. Matt I'm sure you'd look wicked badass with one of those carpal tunnel braces. Keep those updates coming.

Tori said...

these blogs are awesome! i love that it's not just a laundry list of where you've been and the shows... and that you're really showing sort of behind the scenes and you guys just as normal human beings. that's how it should be. :)
great cuts, you're all little barbers in the making!

melissa said...

love the pics. matt, you're awsome.
i left a comment on youtube about the if anyone feels the need to read my thoughts about that you can go to youtube...
yeah. ok. bye.

Anonymous said...

the video inclusion was much appreciated and the pics & narration remain entertaining so thanks for it all! and keep the antics coming.

Hailey k said...

haha vidial sasoon (sp??) has NOTHING on Hair Master Blake Mills! hahaha!

amy said...

I love the video, but if you ever come to England I'm hiding all the scissors.

ALL the scissors.

And possibly wearing a close fitting hat.

MOM MILLS said...

Matt - Nice work! Please keep up the blog and pics, videos and whatever new technology there is out there cuz I am thorougly enjoying it. Question: Where did Blake ditch to after he so strategicly snipped into the cute curly layers of Taylor's locks? Looks like he and Wylie still have their long straight bangs to flip around on stage, not that I'm implying you do anything to change that!!! Blake, I am still finding your brown hair embedded into the cracks of the tumbled marble floor in your bathroom! Not even the vacume wants to remove it!! Anyway, love you everyone, can't wait to meet Darren and for the record, I'd make you homemade cinnamon swirled french toast too! Hi to Chris. Love MOM MILLS

danielle said...

i love how the two members of simon dawes who are most in need of a haircut (although i for one understand wylies struggles with the over zealous scissors) are the only ones not getting a hair cut.

whatever, but im pretty sure la wont let blake back unless he is sans hair. miss you.

Lindsey W said...

I have to say, I saw y'all in Cleveland last night, and while I was really anxious to see Incubus, I listened to your CD today, and its pretty F'in good. I'll look forward to seein you again.. I didn't get a chance to join your mailing list.

Michelle said...

At the beginning of this entry you said you thought you went to Minneapolis right after Omaha/Council Bluffs, but don't forget the awesome crowd in St. Louis that night, then Minneapolis, I believe.
I enjoyed your set in KC and STL.
Oh, and as a little bit of feedback from the Incubus community, Taylor doesn't need to mention the band's name after every song. It kind of got on some people's nerves.
Hope you're having fun with the Incu-boys. They're great guys!

kevin said...

Opening bands gotsta do that if they want people to remember them

elaine said...

spectacular haircuts! I love how Taylor just grabbed the hair clippers and went for it.. that took cajones! someone should try to even out the back for him a little bit more. wylie surpised me with all the talking he did in the videosince he wouldn't even say his name when we met. (at least i think it was him who wouldn't talk, if it wasn't you wylie, i'm sorry!)

i love the stage and concert pics! keep rockin' the stage guys!

Bailey said...

Back to the top..."that thing is so fuckin' poofy"

i laughed.

Fon said...

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Anonymous said...

Awww... thumbs down to anonymous, we think Orley is a hottie! ;)