Friday, July 20, 2007

Simon Dawes Tour-Picture Blog (Incublog)

Hello Simon Dawes-O- Blog-O-Sphere, this is fellow Simon Dawesian Matt Jacoby. I have decided to direct my travels in the way of the Simon Dawes/Incubus tour, taking photographs, lidding amplifiers, coiling cables, driving van, class clowning. I am here to inform you that I will be your tour guide for this... tour, updating you with photographic (and hopefully sometimes videographic) blog entries that will aid in letting you guys know how this whole shindig is going. Of course, the band members will be doing their share of blogging too, it's just my responsibility to provide you with some kind of visual storyboard. I'll try to do my best. This blog, specifically, will be a long one, as we have a bit of catching up to do, but bear with me; it will be fun!
By the way, I'm taking lots of nice photographs with my film camera, but I can only upload photos from my exceedingly sub-par digital camera until I get some developing done back in LA. I apologize about the poor quality.

Okay, so where to start, where to start... We began in Arizona, for which I had no camera. It was fun, but we were still figuring our stuff out, getting used to the overwhelmingly lovely treatment we're getting from everybody on this tour. We had two LA Dates, and I got one measly picture of Taylor sitting in a chair in what was actually a really cool dressing room.
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The Greek in Los Angeles is really cool. If you can ever make it there, you should do it.

Next, we ventured up to our home away from home - Berkeley, California. We have some really great friends up there, namely the dudes of The Morning Benders, and of course Cameron, who really helped make it happen for us up there. Thanks Cameron!

Here's Julian, the drummer, of The Morning Benders. Say hi to Julian!
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SD got to play to an almost packed house in Berkeley; what a pleasure! Somewhere in the range of 8000 people I believe? What a sight. Way to go Berkeley! Way to get hyphy!
Our stay in berkeley was great, as usual, but if you asked Wylie, I think he'd tell you that something made his time extra special:
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Here's that sweet little kitten up close:
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That little kitty slept on Wylie's head the first morning, but after waking up, Cameron informed Wylie that as the cat was still young, it didn't fully know how to avoid stepping in its own feces, so he often had poop-feet. Needless to say, he wasn't sleeping on Wylie's head the next morning.

Off to Tahoe, the first venue for which I have a picture of the audience; and what a lovely audience they were. But first, some random van pictures.
If the music thing doesn't pull through, Wylie is considering becoming a professional Tetris Grandmaster.
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Some of the dudes:
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Oh yea everybody, this is Darren (Sauce, DMonay, D-Sauce, Sauz): the outstanding drummer that has come out for this tour. What a homie. Say hi to Darren if you see him!
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And here's that lovely Tahoe audience:
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And SD playing for them(/you?)...
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Whew.. I'm getting tired. But we must move on! We're almost done for ths entry! Next, was Salt Lake City, Utah. I still have to upload performance pictures from there, but here are a few fun ones to hold you over.

So, on the way out to Salt Lake, there are these massive plains of salt/white sand, and Blake had to pee, so...
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Crazy, right?

Here's Darren doing his wussy warm-ups, for which we give him a hard time every single day. He's happy when he does his warm-ups.
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And then finally, to leave you on a really happy note, look for the secret message in this picture (Hint: check out the sign behind Darren and Wylie, we thought it was funny).
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Oh yea, I can't forget to introduce you guys to Chris, our well-kempt, overly-organized, germaphobic tour manager. We give him his own bed for obvious reasons. It was pitch black in the room when I took this picture, and he was out cold. Thank God for flash and for Chris' unconditional tendency to do to a bed only what a tornado, or perhaps the Tazmanian Devil, could.
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Okay folks, thanks for reading/looking. I'll be back tomorrow with some more shots (some REALLY, REALLY cool ones from Red Rocks, Colorado, where SD played to a packed house of 8500 people. That place is just insane. Thanks Colorado!. I promise to make these entries shorter from now on, I just felt obligated to develop some sort of background. Also, I promise some more performance pictures from now on. Sorry!

See you later and I hope you've enjoyed your tour so far!
Here we come rest of America!


Hailey k said...

I guess one of my despair faction buddies got to see the berkley show...according to her, it was killer! I'm so sad that I will have to miss this tour... :(

Anonymous said...

Cool photos. :)

Lisa M said...

No, really, the longer blog was great! It's so nice to read about (and see) what you guys are up to. We all get to live the life of a rockstar vicariously through you!! And your tour manager...has he gotten you back yet for that pic of him in bed?!

amy said...

See, this is nice. Everyone likes pictures!

I also very much enjoy kittens and Tetris, so this blog was extra special.

Matt said...

Chris doesn't know I took that picture. But luckily for me, even if he did, he takes enough pride in his own slovenliness for me to come away clean. I'll try to get video of him early in the morning. Between his abrasive snoring and flatulence, it makes it nearly impossible to sleep in past 8:30am. I love Chris.

Anonymous said...

wylie marry me please! i love cats too!! :D

jerelyn said...

i would have let "poop feet" sleep on my head. poor little dumb kitten.

Athena said...

Hope you left the P out of the ool at The Shady Court...

wylie said...

i like cats - let's marry

Alex said...

I'm an old freind Chris' and was wondering if you have heard from him lately???? A number of people have been looking for him and have not heard hide nor hair since the first of the year. If you could email me and let me know I'd appreciate it....


Being an old roommate of his I can attest to his snoring and flatulence... that and nothing short of an A bomb going off will wake him.

You shuld watch him eat, it is truely a site to see. One would think they were at the zoo.

elaine said...

Berkeley!!! woot woot! you guys did great that night! i'm really glad i got to see you guys. i went for incubus but you made a fan out of me.

i love the kitten story, although i'm sure wylie isn't too fond of it.

the pic of the white sand is amazing!

Chris, the tour manager, reminds me of my old roommate and her sleeping habit *shudder* trust me, it's much worse than anything Chris does.

Anyways I'm glad you enjoyed Berkeley and I hope to see you guys back up there soon!