Friday, July 20, 2007


Hi everyone.

I'm in a hotel in Kansas City, Missouri waiting til we need to drive down to the venue. These shows have been so amazing. We've been playing the most amazing venues, particularly Red Rocks in Denver and the Greek Theatre in Berkeley. Even if you're not from those areas, everyone should somehow find a way to see a show at those venues. There is nothing better. Also, when we played in Red Rocks, Dylan was playing the very next night, so obviously that contributed to the whole experience; reminding myself that he'd be standing in the exact same spot I stood in a matter of hours!

Our friend Matt Jacoby, who has come on this whole tour with us is gonna start writing in these blogs along with us. He has been helping us with gear, but more importantly he's been taking a lot of good photos and he's gonna start posting them on here. Now that we've sort of found or rhythm on this tour, I'm certain we'll be on here writing a lot more.

Here's our current set list:

Love is After Me
Save Your Ticket
Peace in the Valley
Awful Things
History of my Life
Blood and Guts

The majority of them are new ones mainly because when we get back from this tour, we wanna get that second record MADE. This tour has served as a real nice set up for that.

Also, we've been adding a lot of people to the email list and we're gonna start making that a lot more active. So if any of you blog readers are NOT on the email list, go to the myspace ..... ..... and there's a little link to sign up. And then we'll have yet another means of communication at our disposal.

Write back - I'll be reading and responding...promise.



Anonymous said...

i was at Red Rocks 2 nights ago for the show. We traveled 8 hours from Northern Wyoming to Colorado to see that show! You are correct, it is an absolutely awesome venue and an experience one is surely never to forget. You guys were awesome! Keep up the good work, cant wait to see you next time you come through. Have a safe tour.

Chad from Wyoming

Cait said...

quick question, If we want to email you guys back should we reply to the address that sends info through the email list or should we send it through the email links on the main page of your official website?

Simon Dawes said...

I think sending it to the email it comes from will work fine. That'll probably be where we email back from. -taylor

Anonymous said...

Was in the show last night (in Calgary, Alberta)..

You guys were great... not a lot of people in this crappy city of calgary come out for the opening acts... but good on ya! I enjoyed the show.