Thursday, May 3, 2007

3:05 AM Thursday May 3, 2007

So, first and foremost....for any of you who have not counted the days, the Spiderman Soundtrack that we have a song on is now out. You can hear the whole thing at but who would only want to listen to it via myspace? Myspace doesn't play in your car stereo.

Secondly.....this Incubus tour is perhaps our biggest opportunity ever. You're going to see your unknown Simon Dawes playing for seas of people for 36 shows. Things look like they might be looking up. The shows are all posted on our myspace, so pick your city and venue and we'll see you there. Even though the venues might be bigger it doesn't mean we don't want to make sure we get to say hi to get a hold of us beforehand and we'll make it all work.

I found some things that might interest you....we have a live set up on sony connect at .....It costs like 5 bucks or so. Not too expensive, I'd say. Let us know what you think.

There's also an article written about us on campus circle -

The article is really nice but there seem to be some confused one point he quotes me of saying 'If anybody likes the music, then I couldn't care less.' I can't imagine ANY context in which that would make any sense. I thought it was pretty funny. He also kind of confused what I was saying about my opinions as to what kind of writers Blake and I are, but otherwise, I hope you'll enjoy reading it.

Lastly, everyone in San Francisco, start clearing your schedule for May 25th now. We'll be playing with a really rad band called Nico Vega at Rickshaw Stop. 10$ and you can probably buy your tickets on their website.

Alright, it's 3:30 in the morning so I'm gonna go to sleep.

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Nadia said...

Bands that just ride on other bands tails as a rule make shit music. Simon Dawes makes remarkably good music. So that whole ''only got signed cos of who you know'' is a load of tosh. The album provided justification of where you're at in itself.


This doesnt' warrant a comment back. I'm just rambling. I to am going to go to sleep before i pass out.

Todd said...

Long time no see buddy. That is really tight that you guys are goin around with incubus. Between that, Wolfmother and SM3 soundtrack. You guys are getting out there. I know it. It looks like you guys aren't coming through Portland....that's too bad. I hope you guys come soon so we can chill out! maybe do that thing Blake was talking about it. Let me know. Also do you have an email adress that we could talk through? Let me know.
oh btw. Scared of Myself is really really good. I dig it.

Kayci said...

They changed it, you can't hear the whole thing any longer. I was pretty bummed after getting home the other day and going to listen to it and finding it had been taken down. You can still hear a 50-something second clip of the song though.

amy said...

I have bought it. I have bought it twice, in fact. Not deliberately.

THANKS, iTunes.

Simon Dawes said...

Yo Todd, I think we in fact ARE coming to Portland with the band The Colour very soon. I'll post the dates up when they get confirmed. Talk to you soon!

Philiana said...

I'm looking forward to seeing you guys open for Incubus. My friend and I are heading out to the Berkeley date in mid-July. :) And I might check out the show at Rickshaw in San Francisco. I've never heard of Nico Vega but I'm all for a good time.

I'm digging the music. Unfortunately, I haven't gotten my hands on your album yet but that'll change soon.

Emily L. said...

i met you guys at the social in orlando with eisley and brighten. you're all so cute. oo la la!
i love you guys.

Todd said...

Alright. I heard the Colour and they have some good stuff. I can't wait to see you guys. and I am diggin the new song off SM3. We gotta chill when you come.

Todd said...

I think you should post the lyrics to scared of myself. I'll keep lookin out for those dates for Portland. Also do you have a email address I could chat with you on?

Todd said...
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melissa said...

westfair's not actually in omaha. it’s in council bluffs, iowa. so, i'll see you in iowa.

Hailey k said...

hmmm...portland show again huh? I might just have to drag Heather up there with me so we can say "hey" and listen to some great music!

p.s.: LOVING the spiderman tune! :D

Todd said...

I hope you guys are comin here. I really wanna chill and see you guys. I am still really diggin the record. Keep me posted on your portland date.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I love Scared of myself !!!!! but I can't find the lyrics in internet, if somebody has it, can you kindly send it to, Thanks !!!

Patricia said...

Hi, for all those who have been looking for this song's lyrics, finally I found it, here you are.

May I never become unloved by you
May you never have to know my shadows by the name
You're my heroine and you're a rose in my tea
May I never become unloved by you.

May I always be on my way to you
May I never have to meet the man I'd be alone
I'm your criminal and you're my only friend
May I always be on my way to you.

Cause I'm scared, scared of myself
Oh, I'm scared, scared of myself
Oh, I'm scared, scared of myself without you.

I have found a way to watch over you
I have found a way to face the burden of my dreams
they are crooked but they're,well they're all I have
I have found a way to watch over you.

Yes, I'm scared scared of myself
Oh, I'm scared, scared of myself
Oh, I'm scared, scared of myself without you.

Cause I'm scared, scared of myself without you.
Without you.

I hope you enjoy it !!!!