Monday, May 14, 2007

Oregon and Washington don't exist

So, our dates with the Colour are up! -

But I guess that we aren't getting as far north as Oregon or Washington. How sorry I am. I know we're playing in Victoria, Canada. How far away is that? Everyone seems to be nicer in Canada anyway.

The picture on our myspace of our house is really our house, for all of you nonbelievers. Wylie covered up the address with the word 'perfection,' not only because he thinks so highly of his new home, but I guess he's worried about some of you gathering up your facts and finding out where the house was. I mean, even if any of you cared to come to our home, I'd be happy to see you. But I guess it's good that Wylie is better safe than sorry. He didn't include the picture of the roses that are blooming on the side of the house. When we went to inspect it before moving in, the house was in shambles. Smelled terrible, needed all new floors, needed walls to be repainted, needed all new appliances. Almost everything wrong that you could think of, but for some reason, out front, these roses looked as if they have had the most careful gardener ever:

Also, I recorded a Michael Jackson song. I hope you like it.



Hailey k said...

:( sad...

I know you guys will be back though...and when you are, Heather, Stephanie, Amanda and myself are all front row... :)

Nadia said...

cute reverb clad cover

Nadia said...

I'm bringing tea and cake over to your place. It's the one with the white door and purdy roses right?

amy said...

That link makes my internet 'perform an illegal operation'.

Sad face.

melissa said...

I was going to comment on the picture of you house saying something about how much easier it was going to be to stalk you now that I know what your house looks like. But then I thought you might take me seriously and call the cops or something… I have the feeling I wouldn’t do well in prison, so i didn't.

Todd said...

I am sooo bummed you guys aren't coming. I was really lookin forward to see you guys. I hope all is well with the new house. Also, you never sent me those lyrics on myspace...before you deleted your profile and you never go on your guys AIM account. I talked to Blake once on that. Anyway..still wondering if you had a email address we could talk through or someother way to contact you. Keep up the nice work and i can't wait until the next album drops. Keep it real