Saturday, April 7, 2007

Nobody Died

I just got home from rehearsal and thought, 'I haven't written in the blog in quite a long time.'

Lots to tell....

We're working on recording again. We're not gonna rush the record, but we're gonna get these songs down as they it might be 6 or 7 now and maybe get the rest later. But hopefully it won't be much. How great does a short 9 or 10 song records sound? Just the real strong stuff. And as long as we keep it all coming, all of you who have an issue with short records will be getting another soon after that, so suck it up. So, we'll keep working and blog when we can, but please do get excited.

And has everyone bought the new(ish) live neil young record, Live at Massey Hall '71? If not, and you plan on remaining a fan of Simon Dawes, I want you to get it immediately On itunes or otherwise. Let me know what you think.



Amy said...

Short album's better than no album.

Nadia said...

The Brakes' debut album was only 29mins long. If people don't like short albums they can play it on repeat. Sorted.

Anonymous said...

dude,if weezer can make the blue album with only 10 songs on it while still rocking my socks off,so the hell can you guys!

check it.

and anyway,those who are anal about short album's can just...

"reapeat all",anyone?