Saturday, January 20, 2007

Post #19

I'm in Yuma AZ this week for a huge family reunion. My entire family (of four) and my cousin, Jean-Pierre Louise, all hopped in the Simon Dawes Tour Van. There's like 70 people there I've never met before, and the ones I do know are either all grown up or too old.

Charlie Chickenpox sent me a great compiliation of Mike Tyson interviews. It's on YouTube, but don't watch it if you can't handle the word "fornicate".

How sweet is it that this place in Northridge might work out for us? You almost can't believe it: how happy you are for the band.
At the moment, we're trying to figure out what the living arrangements would be. Stu "Man" Machine will be staying at his Venice crib, which means we're gonna have Wylie, Taylor Turtledove, John Doe, and yours truely. We will have BBQ pool parties, and you're all invited. Bring your own beer.


Amy said...

My family only get together at funerals and weddings. And then my aunt and my great aunt have an argument about 'that time your mum bought the flowers', and everyone remembers why we don't get together very often.

It'd be nice to find out the story behind the flowers argument though.

I hope yours goes much better!

melissa said...

you're right, i almost can't believe how happy i am for you guys(-: i just hope you don't end up killing each other over whos turn it is to take out the trash or something.

C'eleste said...

Isn't Yuma fantastic?

Simon Dawes said...

fighting over trash duty is something chicks would worry about...