Wednesday, January 24, 2007

It's Not Last Night Yet

Hello everybody,


The residency at the Echo in February has been confirmed. Every monday night. 21+ and free. I think Zach de la Rocha (of Rage Against the Machine) will be playing with us each night. Also, there's some talk that the Morning Benders may at least play that first Monday with us. A dream come true.

By the way, I've noticed some of your expressed frustration with the abundant amount of 21+ shows, and I want to let you know that, as excited as I am for these Echo shows, I am freshly 21 myself and sympathize. The all ages shows tend to be a bit more vibrant anyway. (If that seems like an open challenge to the 21+ generation, it is)

Maybe some of the more devoted blog followers will remember that I had recently mentioned our wishes of playing a completely different set each night. And while we still were very excited about the challenge, we realized that some of you who come would perhaps want to hear the song that you had heard the previous week. Or maybe I'm thinking too hard.

For all of you San Fransiscans, in early March we're coming up to play the noisepop festival. I hear that it's really great but don't know much about it yet. When I have the particulars, so will you.

Here's the set list we had for the Hotel Cafe show. If anyone has any suggestions or comments, feel free to say so.

Maybe Not Today
Save Your Ticket
All Her Crooked Ways
Awful Things (which you can all hear in a previous blog of blake's)
End of Every Day
Salute the Institution
Like it's Something
Love is After Me
Blood and Guts

If you don't know certain songs on there, go ahead and judge by the title.

Talk to you soon. I miss all of you non-southern californians very much.



Hailey k said...

we miss you too Taylor! ;)

Molly said...

The Echo residency sounds like it will be pretty amazing.

Anonymous said...

not to be a nerd, but you didn't play blood and guts at hotel cafe, you played a song that blake sang.

dani said...

leave it to me to have just turned 21 last week, get all pumped to go out and finally use my freshly legal id, only to find out my liscence expired.

Amy said...

I don't understand this 21+ thing.

Is it because they're licenced premises?

It's not important; I am 21 and I'm English anyway, but it just confuses me.

Courtney said...

thank you for the under 21 sympathy.
i have not given up yet, though.

molly (but not the one a couple comments up) said...

yeah, lets go ahead and book some not 21+ shows. At my house perhaps? you will be rewarded handsomely with pasta, and bite marks from my cat.

melissa said...

i was going to say say "we miss you too, taylor!" but i see hailey beat me to it...damn her!
(j/k hailey)

Simon Dawes said...

To Anonymous,

You're right. We didn't end up playing Blood and Guts because we ran out of time. The name of that song Blake sang is "Like It's Something."

Also, to Dani,

My id is expired too (I lost my new one) but it still works most of the time. I even sometimes use my passport and that ALWAYS works.

dani said...

now if only i had ever left the country. tj regretably doesn't count.

Steph said...

I'd like to see execution song on there, but as I live on a different continent it doesn't really matter!