Thursday, September 6, 2007

Incublog 6

Hey weeples,

I apologize for not updating you sooner. My computer broke about a week and a half ago. I currently write you from Blake's computer. The severe malfunction (and possible demise) of my computer means that I have no access to the photos I've taken since the last blog. I feel terrible about this, but I feel more awful about the fact that I may have lost all my stuff, including movies, music, documents, and massive amounts of invaluable pornography. But I won't lay that burden on you guys. Hopefully sometime over the next week, once I get home (after they surely fix my computer), I'll be able to post those pictures.

So, since the visual aspect of the tour blogging is currently postponed, I think I'll save the journaling for when those pictures can actually go up. For your own peace of mind though, Wylie's leg is slowly healing, and we're all barely surviving. I've dropped down to a measly 87 lbs., Taylor contracted polio, and Blake lost his arm to leprosy. But Wylie's leg is healing--thank God. We're home soon, and we're all very excited. Excited to get home to mom's sweet cookin', excited to get home to our bestest friends. Excited to get home to TAYLOR'S ACOUSTIC SHOW ON SEPT. 9 -- YOU SHOULD ALL BE THERE EVEN IF YOU'RE NOT FROM LOS ANGELES!

There's not much else to say right now. I'm sorry once again for not letting you guys know what was up sooner. I promise I'll get the last pics up as soon as possible, and I promise some sort of sweet surprise for the last blog. Thanks guys for reading and responding all along; we miss you all already.

Forever young,


Andrew said...

That sucks about your computer man! I hope it gets better soon, same with Wylie's leg, what's the diagnosis on it anyway? I hope and pray you guys will come back to Salt Lake City someday soon!

Cait said...

aww man technology can be such a bitch sometimes. Sorry about the porn, but there are plenty of internet sources from which you can replenish your supply. I would love to skip school and come out to LA for taylor's acoustic performance but it's bad to miss school, especially when your paying for it. So how about a trip up to New York and/or Massachusetts aww hell anywhere in New England or the Mid-Atlantic cuz I know I'd cross some state lines to get a dose of Simon Dawes

Here's to a swift recovery from Wylie!!

Lauren said...

Sorry to hear that your laptop is messed up. =\ Hopefully that'll all get fixed. And I'm glad to hear that Wylie's leg is getting better!

Now all I need is to roadtrip out there for some acoustic & I'll be happy. :D

Nadia said...

You know even with one arm I reckon Blake could kick ass as a guitar player.

Steph said...

I have an equal dislike of technology as it has stopped me from commenting on ALL of the almighty incublogs!
I read the incublogs one to six obviously due to the length it took me several days without sleeping.
Anyway keep up the good work the blogs are great.

Tori said...

you better put up your photo for the last blog. we have to meet our humble narrator!

Nadia said...

I agree there should be a Matt Photo. Especially because I have a feeling Matt has curly black hair.

Steph said...

You should make a shrine blog (picture included) dedicated to yourself!

Bailey said...

i almost believed that 87 pound thing :) ha the Polio and Leprosy gave it away, though. Can't wait to see the pics and I'm sure you'll get all that porn back just as fast as you lost it.

Get some rest, boys :)

Anonymous said...

update, update, update!!! I'm bringing out the update chant! I love you all, get some rest ohh and update the blog :-)

Nadia said...

lets have an update song.

Now what rhymes with update...

It's been quiet round here of late
Think it's time for a
Who are we to prevent what is fate
Think it's time for a
The patience instilled taught us to wait
Think it's time for a
Wordless pages, we could tolerate
Think it's time for
an update, update, update, update.

That's verse 1 and the chorus line...whose up for the second verse?

...ah shite!!

Andrea Gosselin said...

No need to wear armoured plate
Think it's time for a

Time to set a matter straight
Think it's time for a

Beauty searches for soul mate
Think it's time for a

Let's just love instead of hate
Think it's time for

An update, update, update, update

That's verse 2 and the chorse line...who's up for the third verse?