Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The Wedding Band


So, first and foremost, go look at our friend's band Chief. They're based out of new york but they've been in LA so we've gotten to see a couple shows in the last two weeks and I think you'd all really love it. We hope to be playing shows with them soon very soon.
I was thinking about it and it's really great that it feels like a lot of bands and writers are coming from the same place right now. Maybe I'm only hyper sensitive because that's where we're at. But with Chief, our friends in Delta Spirit, or our good friend Robert Francis (who has a record coming out soon on which our beloved Wylie plays some bass on), we all seem to be drawn to and drawing from the same pool. Here are some records that might help you know exactly what I mean....

Our Mother The Mountain - Townes Van Zandt
Everyone Knows This is Nowhere - Neil Young & Crazy Horse
Frisco Mabel Joy - Mickey Newbury
I Wanna See The Bright Lights Tonight - Richard & Linda Thompson

Maybe not. You might not see what I'm talking about at all. But at the very least, those are all great records.

We've been real busy with learning cover songs. We've been asked to be the wedding band a good friend's wedding and we have a list of 25+ songs to learn. The process has been so good for us, learning how different people approach the instruments and such, so we've been having a great time, but as you could imagine, it's been a lot of work for us. That's my justification for not blogging recently, so deal with it.

Also, tour's starting soon. Everyone have their tickets?


john said...

i need a ticket or two mayne...there aren't any TN shows are there?

danielle said...

i would pay sooooo much money to hear simon dawes play wedding songs. like a little when a man loves a woman or some shit.

remember when that guy who plays drum and is drews brother came up to you at the alley was like 'do you know rob so and so' and we were like 'uhhh robbe commegere....?' but no, it wasn't

blah blah blah i miss simon dawes

melissa said...

no, i don’t have my tickets yet. i’m kinda poor at the moment (i might have to pay for 2 tix, grrr). but I’ll just look at it like this- in a few years i’m sure it’ll cost about 80 bucks for one simon dawes ticket when you’re playing a sold out tour in front of 20 thousand people every night. so, really, 29.99 per ticket isn’t so bad… only 24 day to go. i’m getting excited!

ps have fun at the wedding!

Nadia said...

Checked out Chief earlier and really digging their sound. I'm feeling the whole Townes Van Zandt influence. Like a more upbeat, engertic Townes. Have those guys got a record label as i'd be interested in giving them a bit of press coverage.

Cheers for the headsup.

Julie said...

I love you, Simon Dawes- you wonderful men, you.

Anonymous said...

it would be rather ironic if someone at this wedding was inhaling tobacco products and bearing a resemblance to a certain led zeppelin guitarist.

...yea i know but i couldn't help myself :-)

Ben said...

Hey, you guys are great!

I'll be seeing you in Michigan on the 26th.

You guys should limit yourselves to strictly practicing cover songs via Guitar Hero. I'm sure it'll all fall together ensemble-wise eventually.

Anonymous said...

No, because you guys hate the northwest!!! It makes me sad!

JULIAN said...

FUCK YEAAAAAaaaa sounds really good deed. c u on the 14th