Monday, June 4, 2007

Prose in my Grief (yet another fine suggestion)

Hi. I'm sitting in our friend Chris Chu of the Morning Benders' kitchen up in Berkeley. Everyone else is asleep. Blake on the couch, and Wylie in his sleeping bag.

'Why didn't you mention Stuart, Taylor?'

Oh, ummm....I guess there's a lot to say. Should I get into it?

'Yes, I'm very curious.'

The beloved Stuart Johnson is no longer a member of Simon Dawes. He's had certain circumstances come up in his life which make it so that it's not possible for him to be in a band right now. He has our blessing and understanding and hope we all end up playing music together very soon. THEREFORE, we've been playing with our good friend Darren Weiss of Wires on Fire for some shows, and some shows just the three of us with a more brokendown arrangement for the songs. Once we finish these colour dates, we'll be going home and finding out who will be playing for us on the upcoming incubus tour.

We found out last night that Tahoe is one of the most beautiful areas that we've seen. You should all find time to go see it. And if you happen to make that time around July 15th, we can experience it together, being that we'll be playing there at Harvey's Amphitheatre that night.

If anyone reads the comment from the wonderfully pleasant girl Hilary fresh on our myspace...let this be my opportunity to make it known that those words about Ernest Hemingway are HERS and regardless of their being a bit of truth in him being called a 'chauvinist,' I think of him with the highest regard and even wish to somehow learn to approach, understand and enjoy life in the same way he had (minus the suicide). Okay I said it! Now I feel better.

A couple blog entries down in '3:05 AM Thursday May 3, 2007,' a girl named Patricia posts in the comments, the lyrics to "Scared of Myself" from the Spiderman Soundtrack. That was very nice of her, and it is greatly appreciated, but there is ONE minor correction. The lyric in the third line isn't "rose in my tea," it's "rose in my TEETH"...Think more along the lines of a passionate latin dance, or even Zorro. While 'rose in my tea' definitely has strong suggestions of it's own (particularly aromatic) 'rose in my teeth' is more of the feeling I was trying to get across.

I know we've been slacking off with blog entries. We've had a lot going on. But I promise that the hiatus is over and that we will definitely talk very soon.



Francesca said...

I'm sad to hear that Stuart is no longer a part of the band; I hope the best for him. Good luck in finding a new drummer, I know you kids will be awesome regardless! I'm still loving "scared of myself"-i feel like it just fits me lately.

Anonymous said...

Some of my friends and I went to your concert last Friday at The Roxy... it was amazing haha no other words to describe it.
Comment back:

Alison! said...

I'm gonna miss Stuart's red beanie and lumberjack style. I always had a crush on him.

Allie said...

ah, thats ashame, but tell stuart i said good luck and i hope he comes back (soon)!
i have heard tahoe is beautiful. i think i should go there sometime.
and the rest of the blog i had no idea of what you were talking about, but it was intersting anyway.
rock onnnnn!!!

emily said...

stuart will be missed. he had an amazing jean jacket with a parrot on it.

keep rockin' in the free world, boys.

melissa said...

stuart's no longer in the band): that sucks. hope you find another kick ass drummer to take his place.

so, i thought i better start thinking about buying tickets to river riot (the radio show you're playing at) so i went to the rivers site to see the price and who else is playing and stuff. anyway, i'm sure you'll play pretty early in the day. so if i want to stick around for incubus, i'm going to have to sit through some shitty bands. and i'm really not even much of an incubus fan...
not sure why you need to know this...i'm just i'm typing stuff...ok. i'll see you in 46 days(:

Belinda said...

baha, i'm not too big on Incubus. but i really want to see you guys at the Woodlands. maybe i can go with some of my "Brandon Boyd lovers" friends.

awh, too bad Stuart is no longer apart of one of the awesomest bands ever.

Simon Dawes said...

melissa, i dont believe we are playing the radio festival... make sure that you see Simon Dawes on the line up before your purchase tix.

alison, the red beanie isnt going anywhere.

steph said...

It's really sad that Sturart left, but I'm sure he'l do well in whatever he does and the band will still be as strong as ever!
I still haven't been able to see you guys live so i'll never get to see him play now! :(

Hailey k said...

what?!???! I'm seriously going to miss Stu so much! He was my buddy!!! I'm sure he will do well with whatever he does! I'm still waiting on a show date for oregon! :)

melissa said...

this is what it says on the rivers site:

Gates Open 1pm, Show starts 2pm

Tickets $29.99 at all Ticketmaster Outlets

SIMON DAWES <--that's you, right?

this is what is says on your myspace:
Jul 21 2007 8:00P
Westfair Radioshow Omaha, Nebraska <--that's river riot
if your not really playing here, let me know. please. thanks.

Becky said...
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Becky said...

Better idea. Skip the Tahoe show on the 15th and stay in Berkeley :]

Glacial Pace said...

Stuart had great feel. Great Time. He fit this band perfectly. Its like the only person who could fill in would be john bonham. He will be missed. By the way, this is logan from the Austin Show at stubbs, taylor, we talked philosophy outside. Hope to see you guys sometime soon.

Nadia said...

l love it when bands don't know where they are playing til they arrive and go oh are we hear

Tis a shame Stu has left I wanted a drumming lesson off him when he was in town...ah well...whats he got planned? Hope the circumstance t is a happy thing and not a sad thing

Nadia said...

Totally random but though you might like this band

Steph said...

I saw the crimea once they were really good but the lead singer (Davey Macmanus right?) was waaasteed,
it was at a little festival called wakestock and he just ended up wandering around the crowd with his mic with the rest of the band saying 'can someone send him back!'

Nadia said...

hahaha don't think he does that any more but that is funny. You from Wales?

Steph said...

yeah, Anglesey
where you from? Don't tell me there's another SD fan in wales?!

Anonymous said...

This blog is gay, simon dawes is gay, & record collection is gay, and so is spiderman 3,2, or 1

Nadia said...

No i'm living in England but 2 of the guys in The Crimea are from Wales. Seriously I'm excited to know there's another SD fan in the UK (i'm sure theres loads they just keep quiet i guess) I always play my music loud in the car and would love for one day someone to come over while i'm playing Carnivore and go ooh i've heard of this band!! They rock!

amy said...

I'm English!

So there's a grand total of three of us from the UK!

Nadia said...

Get in! That almost constitutes a party!!