Thursday, February 22, 2007

The Manifest Destiny

Our 3rd of 4 Echo shows went very well. It seemed to be the best turn out so far, surprisingly. I've never been very familiar with how these residencies worked, so I assumed there wouldn't be many people present after the first 2 weeks, but lo and behold...

Also, our good friends and GREAT band BlackBlack opened the show, which was a treat for everyone.

Our set list for the more curious...

Love is After Me
Be There Right Now
Bedside Manner (for Wilderness and Bedside Manner, our good buddy Alex Greenwald from the bands Phantom Planet and BlackBlack came onstage and played with us)
Every Single Time
Dead Ends (by Chad Vangaalen off of 'Skelliconnection.' Go listen to it)
Like It's Something (which you can hear 2 blogs down from this)
Blood and Guts
Awful Things
Bad Directions

So one more show at the Echo and then off to San Francisco for noisepop. All of you Bay Area kids know about this already, right? If not, look at our myspace or website (perhaps more credible than anything I'd say on a blog). We're also hoping to set up a show with the Morning Benders as well while we're up there but I don't know the status on it.

And anyone who hasn't heard 'Miniature Tigers' needs to. It's our good friend Charlie Brand's band and he makes really great music.



Black Black
Phantom Planet
Chad Vangaalen
The Morning Benders
Miniature Tigers

Everybody should take time to check out every single one of those if you haven't heard them already. We're starting a family!

Lastly, I've done some drawings recently and I wanted to show everyone and get some input. Maybe for shirts? Posters? Website? Record Covers? Overall Simon Dawes artwork style? What do you think? You can click on them to make them bigger

Alright, I will talk to everyone very very very very soon,


Courtney said...

you're an amazing artist.

Anonymous said...

hell yeah we know about it!
this is one of the three chicks who are always at your shows with my momma.
i am so excited for cafe du nord! i think i can bring my camera in.
and what's this about a show with the morning benders? oh geez, how cool would that be.
talk to you later

Francesca Giannattasio said...

Taylor, these drawings are really awesome! i'm sitting here reading the blog trying to get some inspiration--i'm having major artist's block right now.

dani said...

ok i totally pulled a creeper move and complemented you on your myspace earlier but i re-read this and realized you were looking for possible suggestions and still pretty much back up the idea of you screenprinting. take some really good high-quality scans (300 dpi+) and you can transfer the pictures onto shirts or maybe one of the designs on canvas tote bags would look cool. either way, i like them a lot and feel completely incompetent now considering you're sitting there drawing for leisure when i'm here putting off the sketches i have due for my next design class.

shey said...

i'd wear those on a shirt.
see you monday =)

Amy said...

Yesterday I drew my friend a picture of a cat riding a horse, and she laughed.

Yours are much better, though frankly the man in the last one scares me a little. I like the second one best, even if it did take my poor laptop about a week to load it.

I've never really been one for posters, but I'm a big fan of postcards and smaller scale pictures. Start producing those and I'll love you forever.

Nadia said...

Great art but personally they'd dont shout Simon Dawes at me as far as tshirts and album covers go.

p.s. the ways these residencies work is that your final show will have a massive turn out and everyone will cry at the end cos its the last one and tell you the next band to take the slot will have nothing on you guys.

hallie said...

i love these drawing taylor!
who knew you were actually talented!?