Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Like It's Something

Here's a demo version of a new song. It's called Like It's Something, and we've been throwing it into the set quite frequently. Though the best times to play live it are when people arent really chatting, cause it's not such a loud song.
Enjoy Like It's Something


Amy said...

I really like it, but I can see why it'd be a problem live.

I also like how iTunes tells me it is by Blake Mills, and from the Blake Mills Album.

Composer: Blake Mills.

Nadia said...

It's haunting in a Radiohead esque way. Like it.

A good way to get people to hush for a quiet song like this would be to get their attention by saying something random then tell them to listen out for something in the song (no idea what but something specific to the crowd) anyway techincally speaking most people present should listen attentively for the note or riff or lyrics or whatever it is you tell em to lsiten out for. And the punks who like the sound of their own voice should (technically speaking) shut the hell up for the song so the people listening out for something can listen.

Of course the above waffle may nbot work in practice because i've only ever tried the concept with a large crowd of kids. But hey it works well with under 11s so give it a shot maybe?