Thursday, March 1, 2007


We're in Berkeley. We drove through the night, or rather, Blake drove us through the night. Thank Blake. We spent this morning eating sandwhiches, visiting music stores, visiting book stores and seeing all of these northern california friends of ours that we rarely get to see. We'll be driving into the city in about an hour to hang out before the show tonight.

Simon Dawes Trivia: For any Like friends that read this blog, listen carefully to who sings at the very end of Lazy Daisy. Z BERG. I thought that'd make some of you happy to know that.

Here's another demo of a new song. My girlfriend Josie and friend Matt were cleaning up beer bottles as I recorded it. You'll be able to hear that. As well as Josie calling for 'finch' who happens to be my dog. It's called Bedside Manner...Tell me what you think.

Bedside Manner

Here are the lyrics for anyone interested in that sort of thing...

There's sometime as a much older man
I will sit down and put on this song
It just might make me cry
Or at the very least a tear in my eye

I can't take all these years of my life
to be widdled down into a thought
That only appeals to the ear
I need memories perfectly clear

I just wanna be making my mind
Keep from changing my mind not to change
'Cause I'm greedy as the sea
And that's how I hope it always will be

I'll be somebody now and somebody then
And all of you all in between
And then I'll be ready to leave
When everyone's taken with me

Cause there's so many days in a year
And so many years in my head
So I think about when I'll be dead
And how those very last moments are spent
And if I think about you
Is that something you think you'd accept?



Courtney said...

that trivia question is soooo obvious.

Nadia said...

The reverb clad 'chorus' chord change , voice echo thing is worth doing something with.

Amy said...

I cannot get that song to play for love nor money.

Or iTunes.


Amy said...

"widdled down"

Where I come from, widdle means wee.


melissa said...

I can’t get it to play either):

Simon Dawes said...

i think it has to do with it being an .m4a file as opposed to .mp3
i'll work on it.

Hailey k said...

hmmm...I didn't have any trouble with it....

who knows...but its a nice little diddy...cant wait for the new music and new tour! :D

Simon Dawes said...

fixed like a puppy on xmas eve.

melissa said...


ncghost said...

Totally heard the breathy vocals of ZBerg at the end of LD. She's got so much air in her voice, she always sounds like she swallowed an Aphex Aural Exciter.