Wednesday, November 29, 2006

In the throes of anticipation!

We leave in two days for our wolfmother shows and I'm proud to say new material will be played. You might be thinking, 'hmpf, their record just came out and they think it's appropriate to play new material?' You might be right. We probably should stay pretty true to the record and push the songs as you'd hear them on the cd itself in order to give people an accurate impression of a new band. By all past understanding of how to make a record successful, we should probably look less forward to writing new songs and redefining older ones. You might even say that we should do this all for the sake of new audiences. But if you DIDN'T say that, then maybe you'd be as excited as we are. If nothing else, we want to never be boring.

Some new song titles for you to think about what they sound like based on the title alone:

Triangular Syntax
Blood and Guts
Bedside Manner
Love is After Me

Collective recent interests of the band:

Klaus Kinski
Glen Danzig
Disrupting small birthday parties
Wylie's new glasses
Eating for blood type or veganism?

Lastly, a couple of nights ago an older friend said to us 'People don't know who I think I am.' And I thought I should definitely share that.


DaddyLG said...

Hi SD...
As a former hippie and Viet Nam protester (old guy!), I'd like to thank Simon Dawes for bringing back melody to songs, and raising the songwriting bar in general! I thought the English bands that were so lyrical and melodic (ie; The Beatles, Stones, Kinks, Bowie, Zombies, etc) were dead, but you guys are somewhat reviving it. Your stuff is intelligent, but I catch myself actually recalling phrases (they used to call those hooks), and guitar/piano riffs long after I've listened to your record...very cool...I'm waiting for more...see you in Vegas on Thursday!!

emelyne said...

haha. it's throes.

emelyne said...

oh. you changed it. haha. i have this problem of correcting mispellings when they happen to cross my path.
by the way, you guys are really great. i saw you in san francisco on wednesday. it kind of goes without saying. sorry for correcting you. and as much as it probably doesn't matter, i am using "carnivore" to get myself through the application process.
not to mention on the way to interviews.
thank you for existing.